Faux Fake Fur Fabric- Midnight Cinder Block - By the yard coat costume.

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Item Description:


Big Z Fabric is proud to introduce our new Faux Fake Fur Fabric to our fine line of fabrics. This unique fur is composed of a Cinder Block design with a short thin fur. The width of the fabric is 60" (inches) and has a Pile Length of approximately 1/2" (inch). Faux Fake Fur Fabric is durable, unmatched in warmth, and very easy to take care of. In addition, the fur can be used for costumes, coats, scarfs, accessories and much more. Either way, by selecting Faux Fake Fur Fabric you are getting the best product on the market for the best price delivered to your fingertips. This beautiful fur is sold and shipped by the yard and in continuous yards.


Can be used for Fur Coats, Fur Clothing, Blankets, Bed Spreads, Throw Blankets, attached to everyday accessories such as Bags, boots, and clothing, etc..

Product Details:

Made From 100% Synthetic Product -- Width: 60" -- No Stretch -- Pile Length: Approx 1/2" inch -- Sold In Continuous Yards -- Color Appearance May Vary Due To Monitor Settings